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Eclipse, Long Exposure series, 2017 , photograph ©  Shannon Toft

Eclipse, Long Exposure series, 2017, photograph © Shannon Toft

Eclipse is a further study by Geoffrey Mann Studio into encapsulating the ephemerality of time and motion. The triptych of sculptural lights materialize the erratic ephemeral traces of a moth circling a light source for 5 seconds. Each trajectory has been created through 3D motion capture gathering the phototactic behavior of a moth. Mann describes this as a material echo as in the insect has cut through solid air leaving a negative space.        

Mann presents three pieces for this series, although the nature of capturing the flight over a 60 second period gives the potential to create 120 unique lighting compositions using 5 second segments of motion.

Each piece has been 3D printed and dyed in a nocturne shade to emulate the shadow cast by the moth and to accentuate the undulating, erratic geometry. The trajectories are mounted to a hand-blown glass globe that contains the luminescence of an LED. 

Each trajectory is an edition of 25 + 2 Artist Proof and exclusively available through INDUSTRY gallery.


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